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Thank you for visiting our website, which will provide a central hub for information about the work of the Common Weal North Glasgow group.

We formed in the weeks following the Scottish independence referendum and, whilst many of our members supported a Yes vote, our group (and the overall Common Weal group) is not a fundamentally pro-independence organisation. Our members have been drawn together by a belief in social justice, a rejection of the neo-liberal ‘me first’ society, and a belief that through our collective efforts we can contribute to the creation of better country for everyone. The philosophy of the Common Weal can be summed up in a single statement: All of Us First.

To find out more about the Common Weal project, visit their main website and browse the material available here.

If, like us, you believe in an ‘All of Us First’ society then please join our group and consider coming along to our next event.

We can also be contacted on Facebook and Twitter, or via email at commonwealnorthglasgow@gmail.com