General Election Group First Meeting – Agreement and Strategy

Following the first meeting of the General Election Campaigning Group on the 13th of November the following statement has been produced to summarise the group’s planned activity.
We agreed:
  • We agree the the Common Weal North Glasgow should promote tactical voting to ensure Scotland has the strongest possible voice in Westminster.
  • We agree that we should always make the issues we discuss relevant to Glasgow North (for instance land reform is an important national issue but to engage with our local community, other issues may be a higher priority)
  • We agree that some form of campaign is the best way forward in raising the profile of social justice in voters minds
  • We must remember the danger of telling people what they want (we shouldn’t go into any person’s home or community hall and tell them what they want – we should ask what social issues matter to them and help them find the right answer for their situation).

Our strategy:
  • We are going to provide a common weal interpretation of all the parties manifestos and make this interpretation relevant to glasgow north.
  • We are going to provide a common weal analysis of individual MPs standing in the election for Glasgow constituencies and provide comment on their track record on social justice issues.
  • Closer to the election, we are going to organise community events around Glasgow north to promote our analysis, tactical voting options and find out what is important to local communities.
  • We are going to attempt to engage with young people and non-voters through our approach to this campaign.
Tasks for our sub-group for our next meeting:
  • Identify the relevant MPs and their constituencies
  • Start looking at their track record of voting in parliament
  • Gather options for venues for future community events


You can download a list of the current Westminster representatives for areas around North Glasgow by clicking here – group members are encouraged to gather as much information as possible about these individuals. A request will also be made to parliament for the following information for each MP: expenses claimed since last election; current salary; the number of questions raised in parliament by each individual and their topic; any contributions to Prime Minister’s Questions.


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