Spontaneous Construction: Common Weal North Glasgow’s 2nd meeting


Words and Images by Mark Dawes

It’s not only Scottish politics that has changed in the last few months; I’ve changed. I’ve felt a lot more energetic and creative since the referendum campaign took hold of me. Political involvement was never important to me, in fact I actively avoided linking to any organisations; now I feel motivated and engaged, and instead of merely having public-house rants or venting online I have started to campaign and attend meetings. I know I’m not alone because many of my friends are surprised to find that the same applies to them.

I also know I’m not alone because the Common Weal North Glasgow meetings are getting bigger. On Thursday 13th November around 80 people filled the Assembly Hall at Glasgow School of Art Union. It is a venue more used to hosting live music and dark, sweaty club nights. This time the stage was…

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