Headlines and actions from group meeting 27/11/2014

General Election 2015 Subgroup

The group reiterated the position decided on previously that we are not a political party, and therefore would not endorse any specific individual candidate or political parties at the forthcoming UK General Election.

The group will instead focus on trying to engage and inform voters on the issues that we believe most effect those living within constituencies deemed to be in the North Glasgow area.

The issues chosen should help voters be able to differentiate between candidates that favour an “all of us first” approach from a “me first”.

Due to the majoritarian nature of the First Past the Post system used for UK General Elections and the high concentration of “safe seats” in the North Glasgow area, it was decided the group should focus on their current Member of Parliament and the most likely alternative.

The group agreed that encouraging voter registration and participation should be a priority due to low turnout previously in constituencies in the North Glasgow area at General Elections. We will seek to capitalise on the higher level of engagement and participation seen during the recent Scottish Independence referendum.


Establish an e-mail mailing list that allows everyone in the group to share relevant information.

Research and share information on the incumbent Member of Parliament of their constituency and the most likely alternative.


Common Cafe group

Engagement with other local CW groups: The group acknowledged the need to co-ordinate efforts with other ‘commons place’ groups in local CW groups in wider Glasgow, and recognized the potential to, if agreed, to pool contacts, information and resources in order to best achieve the goals and ambitions of CW within the city.

Analysis of local business precedents: The group discussed the relevance of similar social/creative business enterprises that could be found locally to forming or realising our own vision.

The Common ‘place’ evolution line: The groups reiterates a need to consider a wide variety of alternative business models, and recognizes the potential of implementing several types, towards changing needs and goals, in the course of realizing a longer-term and eventual goal.


Make contact with other Glasgow CWs: Spear-head cross-group sharing and collaboration amongst wider city CW groups. Invite representatives to a cross group meeting dedicated to Common ‘place’ ventures. Perhaps initiate ‘shared volunteer database’, ‘Glasgow collaborators list’, fundraising strategies etc.

Investigate business precedents: Specific precedents discussed include, The Project Cafe, The Referendum Cafe, Papercup, The Spoon, and Area C/Commons North Edinburgh & Leith. Make contact, gain insight, and gauge potential for future collaboration.

Devise a Common’place’ evolution line: Start to formulate a strategy of phased development for the Common ‘place’ enterprises. One that takes into place the potential for diversity and changing needs and plots a logical/realistic pathway from temporary/dynamic to permanent, eg. from pop-up to short-lease, to permanent Common ‘place’.


Launch Event Group

The main issue established by the Launch Event group was the need to identify potential venues in Glasgow, with a view to costing the event and setting a date, most likely in April 2015.

When this has been investigated and a potential date secured then the event team will liaise with central CW and groups around the country with regard to synchronised launch events across the country.


Make contact with suitable venues across Glasgow to ascertain availability and likely cost.


Online Group

Blog content: The group agreed that it would be worthwhile to blog at least twice a week, more if there is enough material and this is sustainable. This would involve participation from the wider CW North Glasgow groups, with members raising issues that matter in their community (this also for input to Common Space news website), questions they would like to see put to their representatives, and welcoming blog posts from members of the group.

Video project: It was previously raised on Facebook that a video project could involve the group, speaking to voluntary participants about why commons is important to them and what they hope to achieve. There is the potential for initial filming to be carried out at the next meeting.

Website: Ways of streamlining and making the website more accessible and user-friendly were discussed, with the option of infographics mooted as a way of presenting information, both about the group and in a general content role.


Gathering news, views and other material: We will email round the larger group for input to the matters relating to blog content above.

Planning an initial filming session: Interested members will discuss what needs to happen to facilitate filming in the near future.



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