Why is the media so bad – here’s one explanation

Alochonaa (Dialogue)

*Peter Ramage

Wellington, December 29 2014 (Alochonaa):
The widespread shift in format from physical ‘mass’ news media (exemplified by the broadsheet press and to a lesser extent television news) towards digital media presents serious challenges for traditional media companies. This statement is often heard, not least from media companies themselves. These challenges often come in the form of reducing circulation, revenue and quality. They also seem to have led to a particular style of click-bait journalism. To the casual observer though, why this might be is less clear.

Digital Media This is how more of us every year are consuming our news. Source: Google Images.

A key transformation, caused by the digitisation of media, seems to point the way. This transformation can be called the shift from ‘everything somewhere’ to ‘something everywhere’ patterns of consumption.
This transformation means it can sometimes feel like news media has two choices: continue with its traditional…

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