The Latest ‘Cash-for-Access’ Scandal Reinforces Just How Broken Britain Really Is

This Little Earth

So now we know: it is “quite unrealistic” to expect MPs – the people elected to represent each one of us – to survive on a meagre £67000 salary. Consequently, we have no business questioning an arrangement where individuals can use the benefits of their public position in order rake in literally thousands of pounds a day in what amounts to yet another ‘cash-for-access’ scandal. Jack Straw is very sorry (that he got caught) and Malcolm Rifkind is simply outraged that members of the public (you know, the people he works for) would have the temerity to suggest that he has done anything wrong. Both have been suspended by their parliamentary parties and will not seek re-election in May, whilst Rifkind has resigned as Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. Despite all of this, there is no sense that anybody in the corrupt corridors of power really thinks that…

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