Robin McAlpine proposes ten changes of mindset to set us on our way

Only by altering the way we see things in general terms can we begin to deliver a fairer society. Robin McAlpine proposes ten changes of  mindset  to set us on our way


For decades politics has been presented as a managerial process in which technocrats run society for the greater good and citizens award them points for success every five years. In 2014 Scotland broke that mould and there are signs of the political system breaking down right across the UK and beyond. We need to redesign politics as something people can understand, care about and be involved in. It isn’t difficult if you want to do it, but it does require that we abandon the corporate-fest that politics has become and talk about our future in a new language.

Read the rest of the article here.


About James McEnaney

Lecturer, Writer and Journalist

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